Alexandria court: Ex-NDP member Tarek Talaat Mustafa can run in parliamentary elections

Zeinab El Gundy, Sunday 13 Nov 2011

Parliamentary candidates in Alexandria fail to have business tycoon and close ally of Mubarak family barred from upcoming parliamentary elections

Tarek Talaat Mustafa
Tarek Talaat Mustafa "Photo:Internet"

An Alexandria court has refused to ban former NDP member and prominent businessman Tarek Talaat Mustafa from standing in upcoming parliamentary elections, according to a court order issued on Saturday.

A number of parliamentary candidates in Alexandria had filed a lawsuit to prevent Mustafa from running in the election because of his alleged criminal record and bad reputation.

The court refused to exclude Mustafa because there was no proof he had faced criminal charges.

On Thursday the administrative court in Mansoura issued an order to ban former NDP members from running in the election.

According to legal experts a lawsuit accusing Mustafa of being a former member of the NDP would have succeeded, but he was accused of facing criminal charges and of having a bad reputation, of which the court decided there was insufficient evidence.

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