Egypt Supreme Administrative Court suspends election ban on former NDP members

Zeinab El Gundy, Monday 14 Nov 2011

Court delays issuing a final ruling on the political fate of members of former ruling party

A flyer calling people not to vote to the former NDP members in the elections
A flyer calling people not to vote to the former NDP members in the elections "Photo:Internet"

The Supreme Administrative Court has left candidates in the upcoming parliamentary elections hanging after it postponed ruling on the eligibility of members of the former ruling National Democratic Party to run as candidates.

The court, moreover, on Monday suspended the implementation of a ban issued by the Administrative Court in Mansoura (Daqakleya governorate) preventing former NDP members from running in the parliamentary elections.

According to today's ruling, ex-NDP members can continue campaigning ahead of the elections, the first round of which is scheduled for 28 November. 

The fate of former NDP members is as yet unclear. In their path to being on the ballot papers are not only the Supreme Court's final verdict, but also a disfranchising draft law that Egypt's military rulers could ratify at any time, banning their participation in the 2011 elections.

No date for the Supreme Court's final verdict has been given. 

Last Thursday the Mansoura Administrative Court issued a banning order preventing former members of Hosni Mubarak’s now dissolved party from running in the upcoming elections. The court's ruling also obliged the High Commission of Elections to not accept the registration of any former NDP members.

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