Peaceful Front for Change announces 'black' and 'white' candidates lists

Ahram Online, Tuesday 15 Nov 2011

Youth activist group puts former regime members on black list and 'clean' politicians and regime opponents on white list in move designed to prevent ex-NDP remnants from re-entering parliament in the 28 November vote


The Peaceful Front for Change (PFC), a youth activist group that was formed in the aftermath of the January 25th revolution, has announced the formation of two ‘black lists’ and one ‘white list’ to inform the general public of former regime members running in the upcoming parliamentary elections and those that it says have 'clean' records.

The Front announced their support for candidates on the ‘white list’, which includes members of the Youth Revolution Coalition and others who are known to have opposed the ousted regime of Hosni Mubarak.

The white list includes Marwa Al-Saidi, Mohamed Salah and Khalid El Sayed in southern Cairo; Mohamed Awad from Al-Mattareyya workers, Mohamed El-Kassas and George Isaac running in eastern Cairo.

PFC also supports Tariq Khouly who is running as an independent in Sharabiya and El-Zawiya in Cairo.

In the Giza governorate PFC is supporting Khaled Talima who is running as an independent in Oseem and El-Kanater; Moaz Abdulkarim and Amr Ezz running independently in Imbaba, Dokki and Agouza; Amr Badr running in Khanka, Qalyub and Shebin; Islam Lotfy running in 6 October, and Tariq Mounir running in Bulaq El-Dakrur, El-Talbeyya and El-Omraneya.

In the Alexandria governorate PFC supports the Reform and Development Party’s Ahmed Nassar and Shaaban Sheikh for the parliamentary seat which represents the disabled.

The black and white lists idea was first compiled by the April 6 Movement and has been adopted by other groups.

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