Scantily dressed women appear on Salafist Facebook page ‎

Sherif Tarek , Tuesday 15 Nov 2011

Unknown hackers post pictures on Al-Nour Party’s Facebook page in move designed to embarrass the hard-line Islamists

Salafist facebook
A Snap shot to Salafist facebook page

Unknown hackers have posted pictures of "sexily-dressed" women on the Facebook page of Al-Nour Party’s Fayoum branch.

Al-Nour, the biggest Salafist party in Egypt, is deemed ‎part of the extremist Islamic current. ‎

Some users on the page, which has over 2000 subscribers, gloated at posting the inappropriate ‎pictures while others deplored them. ‎

Many prominent Facebook pages have been hacked of late, including that of news portal 

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