Protesters prepare for ''Friday of One Demand'

Sherif Tarek , Friday 18 Nov 2011

Tents and podiums pitched in Tahrir Square indicate protesters are set for an indefinite sit-in after today's mass demonstration

Hundreds of protesters began preparations for Egypt’s ‘Friday of One Demand’ in Tahrir Square on Thursday night, with indications some are preparing for a sit-in.

Around two hundred protesters gathered at the epicentre of Egypt’s revolution last night, setting up tents and podiums on the central island area.

Others were busy hanging banners and placards on street and traffic lights.

One of the banners read: “The Friday of One Demand - the handover of power.” Other placards had slogans against the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF), such as “down with the military council.”

Many political parties have been calling on the ruling SCAF to come up with a timeline to end its interim rule in the near future.

As usual ahead of mass demos, street vendors were numerous in Tahrir, trying to make the most of the occasion. They, along with demonstrators, caused some minor traffic disruption.

Popular committee members wearing yellow vests were trying to organise traffic and the iconic square bustled with people and vehicles.

Some of the protesters had blankets and were already preparing to sleep on the central island, an indication they were eyeing an open-ended sit-in.

Some tried to evoke memories of the popular uprising by playing famous patriotic songs.

Should protesters stage a sit-in, it would be the third in Tahrir Square.

The first historic sit-in started during the revolt in January. It lasted for 18 days and resulted in the ouster of former president Hosni Mubarak on 11 February.

The second one started on 8 July and was forcibly dispersed on 1 August. It was held to demand the fulfilment of the revolution’s demands.

For a while afterwards, joint military and police forces were keen to prevent protesters from gathering on the central island in Tahrir Square. Later, however, it hosted other million-man marches.

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