Qaradawi criticises Egypt military council during Friday prayers speech in Qatar

Ahram Online, Friday 18 Nov 2011

Sheikh Yousef El-Qaradawi said that no one should have authority over the constitution except for the parliament

Yusuf al-Qaradawi
Influential Muslim cleric Yusuf al-Qaradawi (Photo: AFP)

In a speech following Friday prayers in Qatar's capital Doha, Egyptian sheikh Yousef El-Qaradawi highlighted the importance of quick presidential elections after the parliamentary polls in Egypt, adding that the military council should not prolong the transition period.

Qaradawi stressed in his speech that no one should have authority over the Egyptian people, not even the military council, adding that there should be no supra-constitutional principles and that the parliament has the right to set the constitution, and everyone else should abide with what the parliament decides.

In his speech Qaradawi referred to Egypt’s demonstrations in Tahrir Square, describing it as the place where Egyptians go to make their voices heard, adding that “there are some who are deaf so cannot hear and dumb so they cannot understand.” He urged Egyptians to vote for those who are just and honest, and not to give their voices to some just because they are rich or famous. 

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