Salafist leader endorses Shoman’s "heroic" storming of Hisham Abbas concert

Hatem Maher, Saturday 19 Nov 2011

A Salafist leader has praised the storming of a Hisham Abbas concert by Islamist Hazem Shoman, saying that singing is "forbidden in Islam"

Yasser El-Borhamy
Salafi cleric Yasser El-Borhamy (Photo: Ahram)

Salafist leader Yasser El-Borhamy on Friday described Hazem Shoman’s storming of a concert as a “heroic action”.

Islamic scholar Shoman grabbed headlines when he stormed a concert by Egyptian singer Hisham Abbas, calling on audiences to depart because singing is “prohibited in Islamic law”.

Shoman’s action reignited worries over the Salafists’ strict interpretation of Islam, while thousands of Salafist protesters called for the implementation of Islamic law during Friday’s demonstrations in Tahrir.

“Islam forbids any celebrations based on dancing and singing,” Salafi cleric El-Borhamy said during a conference in Alexandria that was held to garner support for Abdel-Moneim El-Shahat, the Salafists' spokesman who is standing in the upcoming parliamentary elections.   

“The role of Shoman (during the Hisham Abbas concert) was heroic. He has adopted Islamic teachings through that action.

“If some people have the right to stage such profligate concerts, then we have the right to tell them that this violates Islamic law,” he added.

Tuesday night's incident was not the first of its kind for the Islamic scholar who previously crashed a party at Mansoura University's College of Pharmacy in the name of Islam.

Several Salafist parties, including the prominent El-Nour Party, will contest seats in the People’s Assembly elections, which will be held in three stages starting 28 November.

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