Amidst mass protests negotiations will continue on supra-constitutional principles after Egyptian elections

Ahram Online, Saturday 19 Nov 2011

Egypt’s cabinet spokesperson clarifies after yesterday's Tahrir protests that the controversial supra-constitutional regulations - aka El-Selmi Document - are, indeed not off the table, but will simply be amended

Egypt’s cabinet spokesperson Mohamed Hegazi said talks over amending the supra-constitutional principles are still underway and will resume this week.

It was falsely reported yesterday that the supra-constitutional principles, also known as El-Selmi’s Document, had been officially withdrawn in the wake of Friday’s mass protest in Tahrir Square.

Hegazi, however, denied the allegation by stressing that the cabinet is still seeking to reach an agreement with the political parties and groups over the final draft of the document.

He also denied that negotiations over the supra-constitutional principles would continue after parliamentary elections, which start this month.

Hundreds of thousands of protesters descended on Tahrir Square yesterday to call for an end to military rule and a swift transfer of power to an elected president by April 2012.

Although the mass demonstration was labelled the "Friday of One Demand," for the end of military rule, repudiation of the supra-constitutional principles equally resounded across the square.

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