Egypt will be hit by turbulent weather this week

MENA, Monday 27 Dec 2010

Experts predict cold weather and heavy rains till next Friday

Egypt will be hit by turbulent weather starting from Tuesday evening, according to the Egyptian Meteorological Authority.

Mohamed Eissa, head of authority, has announced that certain parts of the country will be affected by turbulent weather -- especially the West and South of the country -- which will later reach the country's internal regions, starting from December 28.

Eissa adds that the problem will escalate on Wednesday and Thursday when heavy showers will hit most of the country. The rains will be particularly heavy, be accompanied by thunder and may cause flooding in Sinai, the Red Sea, and Upper Egypt. It is also expected that the weather will affect marine navigation in both the Red Sea and the Mediterranean, says Eissa.

The expected winds will also cause dust storms and cold temperatures in Sinai and the South of Egypt. It is expected that daytime temperatures will reach 21 degrees celsius in Cairo, the North Coast and the Delta and 24 degrees celsius in Sinai and the South of Egypt.

The weather will gradually improve starting from noon on Friday, says Eissa


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