Video: Angry protesters hijack and destroy police van in Tahrir

Ahmed Feteha, Saturday 19 Nov 2011

Tahrir Square protesters hijacked and began destroying a Central Security Forces’ blue van in anger from earlier attacks on demonstrators

A picture of the van published by @OnewaySpeaker on Twitter

Angry protesters in Tahrir Square hijacked one of the Central Security Forces’ blue vans, parked it near the central island and began destroying it in angry revenge for earlier attacks on demonstrators.
Protesters pelted six CSF blue vans with stones as they left the Ministry of Interior’s headquarters, crossing through Tahrir, who are still adamant to occupy the central island.

Soon after, one of the protesters managed to hijack a van (it cannot be confirmed if it was one of the six vans) and drove it back to his comrades, who all took out their frustration on the huge vehicle.

Earlier this morning, Central Security Forces forcibly dispersed the few demonstrators who remained in Tahrir Square following yesterday’s Friday of One Demand mass protest.
Riot police dismantled the few tents left over from yesterday and have reportedly arrested several activists in the process to completely evacuate the square.

Several people were reportedly injured and arrested in the process.

After the police attacks, the protesters – who were joined by others – returned to the central island as the CSF withdrew from Tahrir.

Most of the political forces that took part in Friday’s demonstration opted not to stage a sit-in at Tahrir, leaving defenceless a handful of protesters – who decided otherwise – against police in the epicentre of the January 25 Revolution.

The ongoing tensions in Tahrir could well cause the already-tarnished relationship between the police and citizens to take a turn for the worse.

The clashes closed off traffic through the central Tahrir Square, causing mass traffic jams elsewhere in Cairo.

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