Egyptian armed forces chief holds talks with Libyan delegations in Cairo

Ahmed Eleiba , Thursday 3 Aug 2017

Lieutenant General Mahmoud Hegazy held talks with rival Libyan delegations to discuss reconciliation

Egypt's Chief of Staff Major General Mahmoud Hegazy and the Libyan delegations

Egypt’s army chief of staff, Lieutenant General Mahmoud Hegazy, held meetings with rival Libyan delegations in Cairo this week to discuss reconciliation, the official military spokesman announced on Thursday.

Hegazy, the head of the committee assigned to mediate between the Libyan factions in Egypt, met Libyan delegations from the cities of Misurata and Barca, and held talks with them for three days this, according to military spokesman Tamer El-Refai.

Hegazy held separate meetings with each delegation, then a joint meeting without pre-conditions with both delegations.

The talks were focused on achieving reconciliation and the two delegations agreed on the need for a roadmap to end the current polarisation in the war-torn country.

The two delegations also agreed on certain points during the talks, including the unity of Libya, restoring the Libyan state, rejecting foreign intervention in Libyan affairs, establishing a modern democratic state, ending polarisation in the media, and fighting terrorism.


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