Egyptian, Kuwaiti air forces conclude joint drills in Egyptian airspace

Ahmed Eleiba , Monday 14 Aug 2017


A joint military Egyptian-Kuwaiti military exercise between the two nations’ air forces was concluded on Monday in Egyptian airspace, a statement from the Egyptian military spokesman read.

The “Yarmouk 3” drills, which began last week, "aimed at supporting and strengthening cooperation and coordination between the air forces of both sides, measuring the readiness of the forces to carry out joint air operations against hostile targets, and sharing experiences," according to the statement.

The exercises included a series of lectures to unify combat concepts and exchange training experiences, carrying out offensive and defensive sorties, conducting aerial reconnaissance and flight formations, and defending vital targets via various aerial combat methods.

The training exercise was witnessed by commander of the Egyptian air force, Younis El-Masri, and the commander of the Kuwaiti air force, Abdullah Al-Foudri.

The final training session was attended by a number of leaders of the Egyptian armed forces.

The previous round of the joint Egyptian-Kuwaiti Yarmouk military exercises was held in April 2016 in Kuwait.


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