Activists propose ElBaradei, among others, for national salvation govt

Ahram Online , Thursday 24 Nov 2011

As consensus grows that the ruling military council has to hand over power, activists suggest names of renowned politicians from liberals to Islamists to take the lead in transitional period

Mohamed El-Baradei (Photo: Reuters)

Several names have been circulating as suggestions for a "national salvation government" that many activists now propose should take over authority from the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces.  

Tahrir demonstrations that have entered their fifth day are demanding an end to military rule and the handing over of power to a civilian government. Activists participating in Tahrir have started fielding suggestions as to who is best suited to lead until the end of elections.

Names so far suggested include former director of the International Atomic Energy Agency and presidential hopeful Mohamed ElBaradei, ex-Muslim Brotherhood member and presidential hopeful Abd El-Moneim Abu El-Fotouh, Karama Party member and presidential hopeful Hamdin El-Sabahi, law professor Hossam Eisa, Salafi presidential hopeful Hazem Abu Ismail, economist Ahmed El-Naggar, prominent physician Mohamed Ghoneim and judge Zakaria Abd El-Aziz.

The “We are All Khaled Said” Facebook page has suggested Sabahi and Abu El-Fotouh to head the national salvation government. The National Association for Change (NAC) suggested ElBaradei. The Justice and Freedom Youth Movement suggested ElBaradei, Abu El-Fotouh, El-Naggar, Ghoneim and Eissa. The 6 April Youth Movement suggested Abu El-Fotouh, ElBaradei, Abu Ismail and Abd El-Aziz. 

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