Two Egyptian MPs withdraw resignation from parliament

Gamal Essam El-Din , Monday 23 Oct 2017

The two MPs said they decided to withdraw their resignation from parliament after receiving assurances that they will perform their duties in parliament in a more democratic atmosphere.

Egyptian MPs Akmal Qortam and Mohamed Fouad have decided to withdraw their resignation from parliament, Speaker of the House Ali Abdel-Aal said on Monday, adding that he will help the two deputies perform their parliamentary duties in a more democratic atmosphere.

Mohamed Fouad, a deputy affiliated with the Wafd Party and representing the Giza district of Omraneya, told MPs in a plenary meeting on Monday that he has decided to withdraw a resignation request submitted in June in protest over the Tiran and Sanafir border demarcation deal with Saudi Arabia.

"I declare before my fellow MPs that I have decided to withdraw this resignation request, hoping that parliament will act in a more democratic atmosphere in the coming period," said Fouad.

In response, speaker Abdel-Aal told Fouad "you are welcome again and I hope you will play a more effective role in this parliament, which is keen to perform its duties in a democratic atmosphere."

According to Article 391 of parliament's internal bylaws, an MP can submit a written resignation to parliament's internal bureau, but it can go into effect only after MPs vote in favour of it in a plenary session.

MP Qortam, an oil tycoon and chairman of the Conservatives Party, also withdrew his resignation from parliament on Sunday.

Qortam had submitted his resignation last year after he failed to be elected head of parliament's human rights committee at the beginning of parliament's second legislative season (2016-2017) last October.

Qortam, who appeared in parliament on Sunday for the first time since his resignation, said that "upon the request of my colleague MPs and after receiving assurances that we will perform our duties more effectively, I declare that I have decided to withdraw my resignation from parliament."

Parliament speaker Abdel-Aal said that he had tried many times to contact Qortam after he submitted his resignation to urge him to reconsider, “but in vain.”

However, MPs affiliated with the Conservatives Party and others affiliated with the Support Egypt bloc implored Qortam not to resign from parliament.

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