Egypt army is of the people and won't evict Tahrir sit-ins: SCAF

Ahram Online, Thursday 1 Dec 2011

Military police commander Badeen says armed forces respect the right to protest but will take action against those causing tension between the army and the people at the right time

Riot police clash with protesters in Tahrir Square(Photo: AP)

General Hamdy Badeen has said the military is 'of the people', will not abandon them and wants to see democracy and freedom enforced in Egypt.

The military police commander added that the ruling military junta was at fault for not responding to all those who accused them of corruption, complying with the old regime, and questioned their integrity. 

He told people at a polling station in Cairo who showed up to thank the general for the army's role in securing elections, that the army would not hesitate to respond to those who are suspicious of the military junta but are waiting for the right time to take action against those who cause tension between the army and the people.

Badeen said that some election workers who hold only non-university diplomas receive higher pay than him, adding that some of the mentioned employees are paid more than LE8,000 per month. 

He said the military would not remove those occupying Tahrir Square now and they had the right and freedom to hold a sit-in, adding that the concrete barrier in Mohamed Mahmoud Street is not to serve as a permanent wall but as a buffer zone between protesters and police forces. 

Badeen requested citizens reject those who are attempting to overthrow security forces and shed scepticism of the armed forces. 

The military police had evicted three previous sit-ins in Tahrir in March, April and August, and partnered with the Central Security Forces in attempting to forcibly smash this current sit-in in an attack that left at least eight dead on 19 November.

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