Sinking Syrian cargo ship saved by Egyptian armed forces in Red Sea

Ahram Online, Saturday 3 Dec 2011

Egypt's armed forces saved Syrian cargo ship from sinking and checks are underway to see if the ship can continue it's course towards Somalia

The Egyptian armed forces drained the water from a Syrian cargo ship off the Red Sea coast that called in a mayday, saving it from a perilous end.

According to Hassan Abbas, head of Safaga’s City Council (the closest city to the ship) it is now moving slowly to test its stability. It will be towed to a port if they find a gash.

Earlier on Saturday, the Red Sea’s emergency office received a mayday call from the ship, which was heading from Suez to Somalia.

The ship, whose crew consists of 14 people, was going under 56 kilometres off the southern coast of Safaga City, according to an unnamed official.

A helicopter was sent to the ship, which is named Amina, by the Cairo-based Search and Rescue Centre, affiliated to the armed forces.

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