British police extend detention of Egypt embassy protesters

London - Amer Soltan , Wednesday 7 Dec 2011

Detention extended of four female activists arrested after unfurling 'Solidarity with Tahrir' banner at Egyptian embassy in London

British police have extended the detention of four female activists arrested after occupying the Egyptian embassy premises in London on Monday.

The embassy called diplomatic police to deal with the activists, all aged 20, who entered the embassy to express support for the Tahrir Square protests.

“The women are still under investigation for trespassing,” a Scotland Yard spokesman told Ahram Online.

The activists entered the embassy, located in central London, with a banner reading "Solidarity with Tahrir" in English and Arabic.

“The women have UK address,” the spokesman confirmed. Pictures of the women taken after their arrest suggest they are westerners.  

They were arrested at 9.45 on Monday.

Under British law, trespass carries the punishment of a fine or imprisonment. 

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