Muslim Brotherhood threatens to sue Salafists for electoral violations

Ahram Online, Wednesday 7 Dec 2011

With both sides accusing the other of contravening electoral laws, the Brotherhood issues a final warning to the Salafist Nour Party over its conduct during voting

The Muslim Brotherhood’s Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) has announced that they plan to take legal action against the Salafist Al-Nour Party for “unethical abuse” of the parliamentary electoral process.

In a statement released on Tuesday by the Brotherhood, the group stressed that they will take the Nour Party, who have turned out to be their fiercest competitors in the first post-Mubarak elections, to court for violating electoral laws.

“The FJP stresses that it will take legal action to stop unethical abuse by some supporters of the Nour Party, who attacked a number of our representatives, including one female member of the party in the Snuras constituency (Fayoum) Tuesday, and also including some of our representatives in Dairout (Assiut) Monday,” the statement read. “We hope party officials intervene to stop such irresponsible actions, before things get out of hand."

In the run-offs, which were held on 5 and 6 December, the Brotherhood-affiliate FJP competed for 45 seats, with Al-Nour vying for 27. The FJP won 34 seats, while the Nour Party secured just five. Since voting kicked off on 28 November, the two sides have accused each other of widespread violating electoral laws.

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