Egypt police arrest six leading Brotherhood members for plotting to disrupt presidential elections

Ahram Online , Saturday 3 Feb 2018

File Photo: Interior Ministry headquarters (Reuters)

Egyptian police have arrested six leading members of the banned Muslim Brotherhood group in a raid on a meeting in the Delta city of Mansoura, Daqahliya, where they were plotting acts of "rioting and violence" in order to disrupt the upcoming presidential elections, according to a statement by the interior ministry.

Two of those arrested are wanted in separate violence cases; one for a 2017 case of joining the Al-Hirak Al-Thawry (The Revolutionary Mobilisation), which is the armed wing of the Brotherhood, and the other is a fugitive sentenced in absentia to three years in a 2013 case which involved rioting and violence.

The five men arrested during the meeting were found in possession of $2,000, EGP 41,000, two laptops, a Hyundai minivan, and several documents on the Brotherhood's plans in the upcoming period.

The ministry added that the arrests led them to a warehouse used to store material the suspects planned to use to carry out their attacks, which included a large quantity of banned fireworks, sound bombs and masks.

The police also arrested the caretaker of the warehouse, who is the Brotherhood's head of Al-Hirak Al-Thawry in the governorate of Sharqiya.

Egypt's 2018 presidential elections are set to be held 26-28 March.

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