Egypt's Independent Unions calls for protest demanding freedoms law

Ahram Online, Salma Shukrallah, Saturday 10 Dec 2011

Independent Federation of Trade Unions to demonstrate demanding approval of Syndicate Freedom Law

The Egyptian Independent Federation of Trade Unions is calling for a protest to take place on Sunday at 10am in front of the Ministry of Manpower demanding that the ministry issues the Syndicate Freedoms Law.  

The law would legalise the formation of trade unions independent from the state, a demand much campaigned for by Egypt’s labour movement. Labour activists complain that state trade unions do not represent workers' demands and interests.

The former government headed by Prime Minister Essam Sharaf had approved the Syndicate Freedom Law.

However, according to Assistant Secretary General of the Independent Federation of Trade Unions Fatma Ramadan, the law was vetoed by the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces days before the resignation of the Sharaf government. 

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