Video: Egyptian policemen honoured after saving child who fell from third storey balcony

Ahram Online , Tuesday 20 Feb 2018

Governor honour policemen
Assiut Governor Yasser El-Desouky honours three Egyptian policemen for saving child who fell from three-storey balcony, Assiut, Egypt, February 20, 2018 (Photo: official website of state TV-egynews)

The governor of Upper Egypt’s Assiut Yasser El-Desouky honoured on Tuesday three policemen who saved a 5-year-old boy after he fell from a third-storey apartment balcony.

Footage from a CCTV camera that captured the incident, which took place on 17 February, has gone viral online.

The 44-second video shows one of the three policemen catching the child after they noticed he was about to fall off the apartment's balcony.

The three policemen first attempted to use what appears to be a rug to catch the child, before one of them held out his arms and caught the boy, both falling to the ground.

Local media reported that the child suffered no injuries, and the policeman who saved him was injured and received treatment at a local hospital.

Governor El-Desouky honoured the three policemen with certificates of recognition and financial rewards for their "humane role" in saving the child’s life, the official website for Egypt's state TV reported.

Policeman saves child

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