Egyptian parliament denounces Turkey's 'criminal military adventures' in Syria and Iraq

Gamal Essam El-Din , Sunday 25 Mar 2018

The Arab affairs committee also deplored that both Russia and the USA are turning a blind eye to Erdogan's 'war crimes'

The Egyptian parliament's Arab affairs committee has strongly denounced Turkey's military action in Syria and Iraq and its “racial cleansing” of Kurds in the area.

The committee, led by Saad El-Gammal, said on Sunday: "Turkey's dictator Recep Tayyip Erdogan's criminal military adventures in Syria and Iraq represents a grave violation of international law and an aggression against the sovereignty of the lands of the two countries."

"This is a new mass extermination war and it reminds us of Turkey's massacre of the Armenian people during the first World War," the statement said. 

It deplored that "both Russia and the United States are turning a blind eye to Erodgan's war crimes and its racial cleansing operations against the Kurds in Syria and Iraq."

"This is a signal that Erodgan has reached clandestine deals with both Russia and the USA to let him free direct his attacks and commit his war crimes against the two peoples of Syria and Iraq," it added. 

The committee's statement argued that "it is clear that dictator Erdogan's internal failures have forced him to mount military adventures against Turkey's neighbours in a way that poses a threat to international peace and stability in the Middle East."

"It is also deplorable that the United Nations and the Security Council have so far kept silent and refrained from adopting any resolutions that could lead to Turkey's withdrawal from Syrian and Iraqi territory," it said. 

“Turkey has maintained its long-term policy of supporting terrorist groups, providing them with safe havens, and helping them to mount terrorist attacks in Syria, Iraq and Libya and infiltrate their lands."

"In this respect, nobody can ever forget that a Turkish vessel carrying hundreds of explosives, ammunition and weapons was captured by Greek coast guards some months ago before heading to Libya to deliver these military supplies to terrorist groups there," it read. 

The statement also wondered "why Western human rights organisations have so far refrained from issuing any public condemnation of Turkish subversive policies which push the Middle East into a cauldron of endless wars?"

"These organisations are just good in issuing reports on human rights conditions in Egypt every now and then," it said. 

The statement concluded by stating that "there are high hopes that the friendly Turkish people will revolt against dictator Erdogan as wel as the country's corrupt political leadership because they know that Erdogan's military adventures and follies will bring a lot of havoc to them and their lives in the long run."

The statement urged the Arab League, Arab leaders and Arab peoples to take a united stand against aggressive Turkish policies in the Arab world.

"We need a firm and united stand against Turkey politically, economically, culturally and socially," the statement accentuated.

Head of the Arab Affairs Committee Saad El-Gammal told reporters that he hopes that the Arab summit, scheduled in Riyadh in April, will adopt a united Arab stand against Turkey's Erdogan.


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