Students bid farewell to fallen colleague; army intercepts march

Saturday 17 Dec 2011

Army prevents demonstrators from reaching defence ministry to protest the death of medical student and colleague Alaa Abdel-Hady

Martyr Alaa Abd El-Hady (Photo: Facebook)

Around 2,000 students marched from Ain Shams University to commemorate the death of their fellow student Alaa Abd El-Hady who was killed during the military attack on the Occupy Cabinet protest on Friday.

Abd El-Hady, a fifth-year medical student at the Cairo-based university, was amongst the several people killed during a military attack on a Cabinet sit-in on Friday.

According to student and activist, Doaa Bassiouny, the protest was marching towards the Ministry of Defence to condemn the military’s use of violence over the weekend against peaceful protesters, among which was Abd El-Hady.

The military, says Bassiouny, interrupted the funeral march, preventing them from reaching their target.

A member of Egypt's ruling military junta, the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces, Hassan El-Reweiny attempted to approach the protesters but was hushed and forced to leave by the angry demonstrators.  

The rally started marching towards Nour Mosque, instead, where funeral prayers were set to take place.

Nine protesters have been killed, according to the numbers released by the ministry of health, and 344 injured in attacks by military forces against protesters who had been occupying Cabinet headquarters in downtown Cairo.

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