Breaking: Al-Wasat Party rep resigns from advisory council over army's crackdown on Cabinet protesters

Ahram Online, Saturday 17 Dec 2011

Abul Ela Madi, head of Al-Wasat Party and member of the ruling military junta's (SCAF) advisory council announces his resignation from the council in protest over the violent break-up of the Occupy Cabinet protest by army forces.

The advisory council released a statement Friday announcing the suspension of its meetings in protest over the crackdown.

Ela Madi's resignation follows two more: Moataz Abdel-Fatah and Ahmed Kheiry, who resigned from the advisory council in response to the army's violent crackdown on the protesters Thursday night.

The advisory council was only recently established to give a more continuous (versus the previous ad hoc meetings) and direct voice to political parties with the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces through the transition to a civil government.

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