SCAF proclaims measures to end bloodshed

Ahram Online , Saturday 17 Dec 2011

The Supreme Council of the Armed Forces expresses regret over clashes between protesters and security forces, issuing a number of instructions based on the Advisory Council's advice to end violence

Protesters take cover while throwing stones at the military police during clashes at Tahrir Square in Cairo December 17, 2011. (Photo:Reuters)

The Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF) has expressed its regret for the casualties and damage to public properties sustained during clashes between protesters and security forces in front of the Cabinet’s headquarters in Cairo.

In a statement issued this afternoon, SCAF accentuated its commitment to the Advisory Council’s recommendations, and stated the following:

1. The required measures for an immediate halt of violence between demonstrators and security forces were to be taken, including the building of a separation wall between the parties to safeguard public properties.

2. Military-owned hospitals will provide medical treatment for injured citizens, and there will be swift payment of compensation to the families of those martyred.

3. The Public Prosecution is authorised to launch an investigation to determine the facts and details of the incident and will announce its findings to the public as soon as possible.

4. All those detained during the recent incidents are under the authority of the Public Prosecution, as the armed forces are not involved in the judicial process.  

5. The SCAF appreciates the sensitivities of the recent historic period and advocates all classes of society to prioritise Egypt’s national interests over other political and social divisions in order to fulfil the demands of the January 25 Revolution.     

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