Where are the culprits? Muslim Brotherhood member asks SCAF

Hatem Maher, Sunday 18 Dec 2011

Muslim Brotherhood member Mohamed El-Beltagy demands Egypt’s ruling military arrest those responsible for fresh clashes or disband 'failed national security agencies'

Mohamed Al-Beltagy
MB member Mohamed Al-Beltagy (Photo: Ahram)

Senior Muslim Brotherhood figure Mohamed El-Beltagy said Sunday that the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF) is obliged to arrest those responsible for recent clashes that have overshadowed Egypt’s first post-Mubarak elections.

Ten were killed and hundreds injured when the Army tried to disperse a sit-in in front of the Cabinet building on Qasr El-Aini Street, downtown Cairo, early Friday.

A battle of wills is ongoing in the street, a short distance away from Tahrir Square, with no signs of the confrontation abating on either side.

The fresh clashes followed similar events in the nearby Mohamed Mahmoud Street last month, which left more than 40 dead and thousands injured as pressure mounted on the SCAF to cede power, which it promised to do by June 2012.

“The question that should be answered is: Who killed the martyrs in Maspero, Mohamed Mahmoud and in front of the Cabinet?” El-Beltagy, secretary-general of the Muslim Brotherhood’s Freedom and Justice Party (FJP), said on his Facebook page.

“Where are the accused in all those incidents? We will no longer accept talk about hidden hands.

“The Egyptian intelligence, national security apparatus and the Public Prosecution should clear themselves by capturing those responsible for the killings, or otherwise hand in their resignation for their failure to fulfil their duty towards the country.”

The FJP had earlier issued a statement to condemn attacks on protesters, calling on SCAF to “launch an immediate investigation into the incident and stop the violent crackdown.”

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