Egypt politicians and new MP's to begin sit-in against state repression

Ahram Online, Monday 19 Dec 2011

Prominent political personalities and newly elected members of parliament plan sit-in to demand immediate halt of violence against protesters - and speedy transition to civilian rule

Supreme Judiciary Courthouse
Supreme Judiciary Courthouse’s headquarters (Photo: Ahram archive)

A host of prominent Egyptian political forces and figures announced plans on Monday to stage an open-ended sit-in before Cairo’s Supreme Judiciary Court to demand an immediate cessation of violence against anti-government protesters.

Thirteen civilians have been killed so far and more than 500 injured following four days of clashes outside Egypt’s Cabinet building in downtown Cairo between security forces and protesters who demand an end to military rule.

Political figures convened on Monday to discuss possible ways of ending the standoff. Participants in the discussion included, among others, Freedom and Justice Party Secretary-General Mohamed El-Beltagy; presidential hopeful Ayman Nour; Kefaya protest movement leader George Ishak; and newly-elected parliamentarians Mostafa El-Naggar and Amr Hamzawy.

The group of prominent political personalities has reportedly decided to stage a sit-in outside the courthouse until all violence is brought to a halt; all those detained during the clashes are released by authorities; security officials are held accountable for the violence; and state-run media abandons efforts to defame protesters.

The assemblage of politicians is also demanding that Egypt’s ruling military council hand over power to an elected civilian authority immediately following the third and final round of Egypt’s first post-Mubarak parliamentary polls in January.

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