April 6 Movement hits back at SCAF

Ahram Online, Monday 19 Dec 2011

The Six of April Youth Movement held a news conference to hit back at the military rulers and armed forces with videos that document brutality by soldiers

As the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF) held a press conference to defend its soldiers and accuse protesters in downtown of thuggery, the April 6 Youth Movement concurrently held another news conference to hit back at the military rulers.  

During the conference, the April 6 Movement played videos of army soldiers assaulting protesters in the ongoing clashes that erupted three days ago at the cabinet office after a crackdown on a peaceful sit-in.

Presidential hopefuls Ayman Nour and Bothaina Kamel, along with several political activists, attended the conference.

Mahmoud Afifi, a Movement spokesperson, said the press conference was held as a response to the military council's event, in which Major General Adel Emara of SCAF described soldiers who attacked protesters as “heroes [who] exercised enviably high levels of self restraint.”

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