Egypt's top prosecutor refers 555 defendants to military court for joining terrorist group

Ahram Online , Monday 7 May 2018

Egyptian army conducts Operation Sinai 2018 against terrorist groups in north Sinai (Snapshot from video released by the Egyptian Army)

Egypt’s Prosecutor-General Nabil Sadek referred on Monday 555 members of Daesh-affiliate Ansar Beit Al-Maqdis to military court on charges of forming 43 terrorist cells.

The cells' members committed 63 terrorist attacks, including the murder and attempted murder of members of the Armed Forces and police in North Sinai, a statement by the prosecution said.

The defendants are accused of supplying the terrorist group with funds and logistical support with the aim of targeting security facilities and military members in the governorate, as well as sabotaging a gas pipeline between Port Said and Sheikh Zuweid in North Sinai.

The prosecution is accusing primary suspect Ali Salman Ali Salem Al-Dharaz of tasking a number of cadres with spreading Daesh's ideology in Sinai, which accuses the head of state, members of the army and Christians of being infidels.

The prosecution said that according to confessions by 216 of the defendants, the suspects were involved in the killing of Central Security Captain Mahmoud Al-Zamlout and army Lieutenant Mohamed Abdel Razek, as well as shooting 10 security personnel and targeting armored vehicles, checkpoints and security locations with explosives and automatic weapons.

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