Tahrir's 'Honour' demo joined by protests in governorates

Zeinab El Gundy, Friday 23 Dec 2011

Anti-SCAF demos erupt in Alex, Suez, Assuit, Luxor, and Tanta to coincide with Tahrir Square's 'Friday of Regaining Honour'

Several Egyptian governorates – including Alexandria, Suez, Assuit, Luxor and Tanta – saw popular protests on Friday held in solidarity with Tahrir Square’s ongoing “Regaining Honour” demonstration calling for an end to military rule and condemning recent attacks by security forces on protesters, including women.

In Egypt’s second city Alexandria, thousands of protesters joined in a march through the city following Friday prayers. As of 4pm, demonstrators were heading en masse towards the main military administrative complex in Alexandria’s central Sidi Gaber district.

“Soldiers responsible for attacking female protesters in Tahrir must be penalised,” Mahmoud Gaber, activist and spokesman for the April 6 youth movement in Alexandria, told reporters. “If they aren’t held accountable, this means they received their attack orders from the highest levels.”

Inthe canal city of Suez, meanwhile, hundreds of protesters – including numerous women – converged on the city’s central Arbain Square to protest military rule and to condemn the recent attacks on female activists.The demonstration in Suez was organised by the Suez Youth Bloc.

In the Upper Egyptian Assuit Governorate, hundreds of protesters similarly turned out after Friday prayersto condemn attacks on female demonstrators and demand the swift transfer of power to an elected civilian authority. Among the political powers participating in the Assuit protest are the Revolutionary Youth Coalition, the Egyptian Social Democratic Party and the Democratic Front Party.

A small group of protesters also turned out in the Nile Delta city of Tanta following Friday prayers to demand an end to military rule.

Similar demonstrations have also been reported in the cities of Port Said, Ismailia and Luxor.

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