Solidarity march demanding release of blogger Maikel Nabil to be held today

Ahram Online, Thursday 29 Dec 2011

Blogger who exploded the myth around military's role in the uprising against Mubarak has been detained for nine months, marking one year in the Egyptian prison system; today supporters call of his immediate release

Maikel Nabil
Maikel Nabil (Photo: Ahram)

To mark the one year anniversary of the detainment of blogger Maikel Nabil, activists are calling for a solidarity march demanding his release. Nabil has been detained for nine months since March, which in the Egyptian prison system is equivalent to one year of any sentence.

Nabil has been on hunger strike for more than 120 days in protest against being sentenced by a military court for writing a blog titled “The People and the Army were never one hand.”  Nabil was originally sentenced to three years in prison, a sentence that was reduced after a subsequent retrial to two years and a fine of LE220 fine. Nabil has now been refusing fluids and medication for over a week, and his health is reportedly in a very poor state.

Two weeks ago, Nabil wrote a letter from prison entitled “One Citizen,” posted on the No to Military Trials Campaign website yesterday evening. In the letter, Nabil lambasts the military council.

“The Military in their stupidity think that One Citizen is without value and easily marginalised,” Nabil wrote. “Their minds do not comprehend the fact that One Citizen put an end to Mubarak's regime, one citizen: Khaled Said.”

In the letter, addressed not to the military but to Egyptian society, Nabil calls for the release of all political prisoners including Alaa Abd El-Fattah, who has since been released. He goes on to say that society as a whole cannot be free “unless every One Citizen is free.”

The march is expected to begin at 6pm from Tahrir Square, ending at the Supreme Court. Among the organisers are the Free Maikel Nabil campaign and the Revolutionary Socialists.

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