Blogger Maikel Nabil ends his 4-month hunger strike

Ahram Online, Sunday 1 Jan 2012

Nabil's brother confirms on Twitter that the blogger who criticised Egypt's military has ended his extended hunger strike, and has been transferred to Tora Prison Hospital to receive better medical care

Maikel Nabil
A circulated photo of Maikel Nabil in Tahrir Square on 30 January. Sign reads "we refuse that the army steals the people's revolution. (Photo:internet)

According to Mark Nabil, brother of imprisoned blogger Maikel Nabil, the 26 year-old has ended his hunger strike on Saturday.

Maikel Nabil, who received a three year prison sentence by the military for writing a blog post last winter sharply critical of the role of Egypt’s army in relation to the revolution, later reduced to two years following appeal, was the first person to refuse interrogation by a military court demanding to be tried in a civil court instead.

Mark Nabil said on Twitter that his brother has also been moved from El-Marg prison to Tora Prison Hospital, which is better equipped than the prison hospital where he was previously stationed.

Nabil has been on hunger strike since 23 August to protest his imprisonment by the army and consumed only juice and milk; on 18 December he started to refuse all feedings.

There were serious health concerns for Nabil especially as prison authorities stopped administering vital heart medication.

Activists have been campaigning against the military trials of civilians since the army took over power after the ouster of Mubarak in February.

Estimates are that more than 12,000 Egyptians are currently detained in military prisons.

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