Temperatures to ease in Egypt starting Thursday, high humidity expected

Ahram Online , Wednesday 25 Jul 2018

File Photo: Boys on the outskirts of Cairo jump in the Nile River to escape the heat as temperatures soared to 47C in August 2015 (Photo: Reuters)

High temperatures are expected to ease in Cairo and along the northern coast of Egypt starting Thursday, the head of the country's Meteorological Authority (EMA) Ahmed Abdel-Aal told Ahram Online on Wednesday.

"The heat wave that most of Egypt's cities have witnessed during the past 48 hours is expected to ease by 3-4 degrees, with Cairo to witness 37 degrees Celsius," Abdel-Aal said.

Abdel-Aal explained that although temperatures are expected to decrease, humidity levels will still be high during the daytime, reaching 70 percent throughout the country.

"Humidity levels will decrease by almost 25 percent during the night in most cities outside Upper Egypt," Abel-Aal said. 

The EMA head also said that Friday is expected to witness a further drop of 2-3 degrees in Cairo and northern coastal cities, unlike most other governorates. 

Temperatures on Wednesday are forecast to be as follows:

Cairo: 40-29
Alexandria: 39-28
Nile Delta: 32-26
North Sinai: 36-25
South Sinai: 41-31
Upper Egypt: 44-28

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