Egypt, US, Saudi, UAE conclude 'Eagle Response 2018' joint military training

Ahmed Eleiba , Saturday 4 Aug 2018

Joint military training between Egypt, US, UAE and Saudi Arabia (Photo: Egypt's army spokesperson)

Egyptian Armed Forces spokesperson Tamer El-Refai announced on Saturday that joint naval training activities between Egypt, the UAE, Saudi Arabia, and United States have concluded.

The Eagle Response 2018 joint military exercise was conducted in Egypt's territorial waters in the Red Sea.

The drills lasted for several days and were carried out by naval, air and special forces of the participating countries.

The Egyptian navy participated in the training with a number of frigates, rocket launchers, special naval forces in addition to multi-mission aircraft and helicopters.

The US participated with army destroyer USS Jason Dunham as well as a team of explosive ordnance disposal experts.

The UAE participated with a surface ship as well as special naval forces.

Saudi Arabia participated with a team of specialised experts in locating and removing underwater explosives, as well as special naval forces.

"The training included the planning and management of joint combat actions for all elements of modern naval warfare, displaying understanding and coordination between the maritime forces of the participating countries, as well as implementing total control of large areas of the sea and the ability to resist possible terrorist acts," El-Refai’s statement said.

The forces also carried out a number of exercises including firing from various positions, explosive ordnance disposal, which involves the safe detonation of explosives, and joint diving and combat operations to secure maritime zones against different threats.

The forces also carried out an exercise on search and rescue operations, and the right to visit, board, search and seizure (VBSS) training, which prepares forces to move alongside and board another vessel.

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