April 6 members under investigation for anti-SCAF activities

Ahram Online , Wednesday 4 Jan 2012

Four activists face charges of 'attempting to overthrow regime' and 'trying to destabilise country'

Kazeboon campaign logo
Kazeboon campaign logo (Photo: courtesy of https://www.facebook.com/3askar.Kazeboon)

Egypt’s public prosecutor is continuing its investigations into four members of the April 6 youth movement (Democratic Front) that were recently arrested in Old Cairo while distributing flyers critical of the ruling Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF).

The four activists were arrested on Monday while distributing anti-SCAF flyers as part of an ongoing Kazeboon ("liars") campaign after being reported to the police by local residents.

On Wednesday, April 6 (Democratic Front) issued a statement accusing police officers at the Old Cairo police station of beating the four activists before transferring them to the public prosecution. The four have reportedly been accused of attempting to overthrow the ruling military regime and destabilise the country.

The youth movement has threatened to call an open-ended sit-in in front of the public prosecutor's office if the four activists are not released immediately.

Two weeks ago, several political parties and movements – including April 6, supporters of would-be presidential contender Mohamed ElBaradei, and a number of independent activists – launched their “Liars” campaign, which aims to raise public awareness about SCAF violations by holding rallies and distributing flyers.

On Wednesday, the four activists reportedly confessed to military authorities that they had participated in the “liars” campaign, had actively called for anti-SCAF demonstrations on 25 January, and had played a role in most of the popular demonstrations held in the wake of last year’s revolution. 

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