Egyptian prosecutors charge woman, five others, with murder of fiancé

Ahram Online , Friday 31 Aug 2018

A photo circulated on Facebook following the crime gathering the deceased fiance Bassam Osama (L), his fiance Habiba Ashraf and her father. Many FB accounts related to the victim urged authorities to arrest Habiba for being involved in the murder. Habiba and Her father are now in Custody over murder.

Egyptian prosecutors have ordered the detention of a woman over the murder of her fiancé, whose body was found buried under a kitchen floor earlier this week, Al-Ahram Arabic website reported.

The prosecution has also ordered Habiba Ashraf’s father and four other people be detained for four days on charges of murder, kidnapping and forgery.

The body of Bassam Osama, a 23-year-old student, was found buried under the tiled floor of the kitchen in an apartment in the Rehab district of New Cairo earlier this week.

On Wednesday, Egypt police arrested Ashraf’s father and other suspects involved in the killing of Osama, whose death sparked public outcry.

Police later arrested Ashraf, who fled to Hurghada after the crime. She confessed during investigation to tricking Osama into coming to the apartment, where he was killed by her father and other culprits, according to Al-Ahram.

She denied taking part in the murder.

Osama was strangled to death by the father of his fiancée, who then buried him in a hole in the apartment kitchen floor that he then tiled over. The father reportedly placed bags of coal over the body to prevent it from smelling.

The father, a 55-year-old former chemist, said in a video broadcast on TV on Wednesday after his arrest that he killed Osama because the boy had revealed his "life secret", that he was fleeing a life sentence in a drug-trafficking case, and he had heard from his daughter that Osama was about to report him to the authorities.

The father said he had forged a death certificate and lived incognito for years.

In the video, he appeared in handcuffs at an apartment in the leafy suburb east of Cairo where the incident took place, and showed how he carried out the murder.

Police were first informed about the matter when the victim's brother reported his disappearance.

The brother told local TV channels on Wednesday that Osama informed him that he was going to meet his fiancé, who called him hours later to say Osama had not arrived.


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