Egypt's defence minister follows up on the latest details of Operation Sinai 2018

Ahmed Eleiba , Tuesday 4 Sep 2018

File Photo: Egypt's Defense minister Mohamed Zaki (Photo; Al-Ahram)

Egypt's Defence Minister Mohamed Zaki inspected security units from the armed forces in North Sinai governorate on Tuesday, to follow up on developments in the Operation Sinai 2018, a counter-terrorism operation underway since February.

As part of the completion of the planned stages of Operation Sinai 2018, Zaki inspected the implementation and development stages at the Armed Forces Operations Center.

Zaki listened to a detailed presentation by the commanders of the Second and Third Field Armies, which included the size and composition of the forces participating in the operation and the measures taken to develop combat areas to combat terrorist activity.

Details concerning the elimination of terrorist elements and the full control of the army areas to ensure that terrorist elements would not infiltrate again were presented.

The commanders also discussed security plans in central Sinai and North Sinai, the plans and the implementation of different phases of the operation, and the process to complete the destruction of the resources and grassroots of terrorism.

The commanders and Zaki also discussed the control of security within cities and residential communities in North Sinai with police.

Zaki also discussed the procedures of control of and re-combing of roads, mountainous areas, lanes and valleys, and also the qualitative outcome of the operation, which resulted in the elimination of many takfiri elements, and the seizure of weaponry and logistical supplies in central Sinai.  

The meetings reviewed the latest developmental projects implemented in the Sinai Peninsula from the eastern bank, starting from the Suez Canal to Egypt's borders, in cooperation with the Second and Third Field Army.

The projects were in fields of infrastructure, housing, roads, public services, agriculture, land reclamation and the establishment of residential and Bedouin communities.

The meeting was attended by Mohamed Farid, chief of staff of the armed forces, and a number of armed forces commanders


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