Egypt protesters still awaiting retribution against Belal killers

Randa Ali , Saturday 7 Jan 2012

One year later, protesters still calling for justice for salafist Sayed Belal who was tortured to death by state security officers investigating the Two Saints Church bombing in 2011

(photo by: Randa Ali)
"Justice for El-Sayed Belal" (Photo by: Randa Ali)

In memoriam of the brutal killing of Sayed Belal at the hands of state security, hundreds gathered at the High Court premises demanding the trial of those responsible for his brutal death.

“The case is crystal clear, and one of the three policemen involved in this crime has already confessed, yet no punishment is taking place,” said Moataz Reda, member of the Islamic Renaissance and Reform Movement who was among the protesters.

Belal was killed on the 6 January, 2011 as a result of brutal torture by the police during interrogation at state security as a suspect in the Two Saint’s church explosion that took place on New Year’s Eve in Alexandria.

Reda lamented the fact that salafist and other parties winning parliamentary seats have been apathetic towards what happened to Belal.

“They’re all counting on the law and forgetting that there’s none in Egypt. Maybe it’s their lack of experience in the field of Human Rights,” he added.

Ibrahim Belal, the brother of the victim who used to be a member of the Salafist Call, echoed the same sentiment during an interview on ONTV, saying salafist parties haven’t expressed any form of solidarity with his brother’s death.

“We have no one to help us but God,” he stated.

The protest lasted for more than three hours and saw a myriad of slogans demanding the trial of toppled president Hosni Mubarak and the ruling Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF), stressing that State Security are still in power. “Retribution, Sayed didn’t die in Vain!” chanted protesters.

Demonstrators were then joined by judges who have been on a strike for 8 consecutive days in front of the high court, calling for the cleansing of Egyptian judiciary.

Another protest was held at Al-Qaed Ibrahim Mosque in Alexandria, the homeland of Belal and many other salafists, to demand justice for the deceased.

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