Development in Sinai to continue despite terrorism challenge, Egypt's Defence minister tells Third Army

Ahmed Eleiba , Wednesday 5 Sep 2018

Defense minister
Egypt's Defense minister Mohamed Zaki giving a speech to the Third Army Filed officials on Wednesday, 9, 2018 (Photo: courtesy of Egypt's Army spokesperson)

Egypt's Defence Minister Mohamed Zaki told soldiers and commanders of the Third Army that armed forces are working on development and reconstruction in Sinai while still rooting out terrorism, a statement by the army spokesperson Tamer El-Refai read.

Zaki gave the speech during a meeting with Third Army field officials concerning the implementation of the planned visions of internal security and eliminating terrorism in accordance to the Comprehensive Operation Sinai 2018.

Comprehensive Operation Sinai 2018 is a counter-terrorism campaign which involves the army, navy, air force and police.

The operation was launched in February to target “terrorist and criminal elements and organizations” in north and central Sinai, parts of the Nile Delta, and the Western Desert.

The meeting began with all the Army commanders, soldiers, and officers standing for one minute to mourn those army and police forces who have been killed in action.

Zaki stressed that the development of combat and technical capabilities of the units in all branches and specializations is a top concern of the General Command of the Armed Forces.

He also pointed out that the challenges faced to root out terrorism and extremism will not deter the armed forces from achieving security and stability.

The minister also expressed his pride in the heads of tribes of central and southern Sinai, and appreciated their patriotic role and their full support for the armed forces in their fight against terrorism.

He also opened a dialogue with the Third Army, in which he listened to their views and inquiries across a variety of topics. 

He called on them to exert more effort and attention to the physical fitness and morale of the fighters as a cornerstone for building the fighting individual while also maintaining the highest levels of efficiency and combat readiness.

He finished with expressing his gratitude concerning the high moral and determination to confront extremism and terrorism. 

The meeting was attended by Mohamed Farid, Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces, and a number of senior commanders of the armed forces.


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