Upper Egypt's Luxor governorate undertakes precautionary measures to face expected dust storm

Ahram Online , Wednesday 5 Sep 2018

The step comes after a massive dust storm hit neighboring Aswan government , shutting down main roads and navigation traffic.

Dust clouds seen covering Aswan governorate on Wednesday ( Photo: Ahram)

Upper Egypt's Luxor governorate announced on Wednesday that it has taken all needed measures to face an expected dust storm within the coming days.

The announcement comes after a dust storm struck the neighbouring Aswan governorate on Monday and caused poor visibility on main roads and shut down air traffic navigation for hours on Tuesday.

The head of the crisis management center in Luxor Mohsen El-Shami said civil protection forces and fire fighters were placed on high alert in anticipation of any fire outbreak as a result of the expected dust storm.

"The ambulance and health directorate were also placed on high alert," El-Shami added.

Egypt's Meteorological Authority expects unstable weather and heavy wind throughout the southern region of the country this week, as a brief stint of unseasonably warm temperatures starts to subside ahead of the autumn season, which is set to start on 22 September.

On Monday, Egypt’s Head of the Meteorological Authority’s Analysis Center Mahmoud Shahin warned governors across the state of this autumn season’s expected floods, which are estimated to begin on 22 September.

The EMA called on all governors to check flood and rain sewerage networks, while mountains governorates should pay extra attention to face the autumn floods this year.

Shahin affirmed that the autumn season this year will witness the highest amount of rain and floods during the whole year.

He said the flood season is expected to start in Egypt on 22 September, indicating that it may be accompanied by unstable weather conditions.


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