6 April demands protection for January mass protests

Saturday 7 Jan 2012

The 6 April Youth Movement (Democratic Front) has called on popular committees to secure nationwide mass protests set for 25 January

The 6 April Youth Movement (Democratic Front) has called on popular committees to be formed to secure nationwide mass protests due on 25 January, the first anniversary of the 2011 Egyptian Revolution.

The Democratic Front, which consists of defectors of the original 6 April Youth Movement, says the anticipated demonstrations will be completely peaceful, but stressed they have to be properly secured.

The movement also voiced disgruntlement with a recent ruling military council statement that some protesters with “vicious intentions” had been planning to “burn Egypt” on 25 January.

“These statements are released to dissuade people from taking part in the protest,” the Movement said in a released statement. 

“The demands are clear and on top of them comes the handover of power to a civilian administration.”

Among other demands is the formation of a national salvation government consisting of members of the coming People’s Assembly. Forming a judicial investigative apparatus to look into post-revolution incidents of brutality is also demanded.

While the January 25 Revolution was initially understood to have heralded the end of abuses of civilians by security personnel, hundreds were tortured and even killed on several occasions through 2011.

The latest clashes that left deaths took place last month, when police and army forces tried to forcibly disperse a sit-in staged at the Cabinet headquarters. Seventeen died in the ensuing violence.

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