Arab Quartet condemns Iranian interference in Arab affairs

Ahram Online, Tuesday 11 Sep 2018

The Arab Quartet Ministerial Committee met in Cairo on Tuesday on the sidelines of the Arab League's 150th ordinary session to discuss ways to counter Iran’s continued interference in the domestic affairs of Arab countries.

The committee denounced Iranian officials’ provocative anti-Arab statements, as well as its policies of stirring sectarianism and arming groups and militias in some Arab countries, which threatens Arab national security and obstructs regional and international efforts to resolve the conflicts in a peaceful way.

The Arab Quartet consists of Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and the UAE. It was formed in mid-2017 as a diplomatic bloc to coordinate political stances against terrorism and foreign interference in Arab countries' affairs. 

The quartet renewed condemnation to the Iranian support to hostile acts in the Arab region, including the firing of ballistic missiles against Saudi Arabia from inside Yemeni territories. It also condemned the Iranian intervention in the kingdom of Bahrain, including presenting support to ' evil cells', which are undermining the security in the kingdom. 

The Arab Quartet voiced concern over Iran's commitment to the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), doubting its capability of preventing Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons in the future, especially given Tehran's current hostile policies in the region. 

The quartet also condemned the Iranian and Turkish interference in the Syrian crisis, warning of the serious repercussions it has on Syria's future, sovereignty, security, independence, national unity and territorial integrity.

It also expressed support to the Kingdom of Morocco's decision to cut diplomatic ties with Iran over Tehran's intervention in the kingdom's internal affairs and undermining its safety and stability.

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