ILO praises positive steps taken by Egypt on trade union law

MENA , Monday 1 Oct 2018

The International Labor Organization hailed on Monday the positive steps taken by Egypt in issuing the Trade Union Law, which aims to improve the labor conditions. 

This came during a meeting between Manpower Minister Mohamed Safaan and Eric Oechslin, the acting director of the International Labor Organization's (ILO) office in Cairo. 

Oechslin stressed the importance of enabling all trade unions to freely operate in the country, expressing the ILO's full support to the Egyptian government in fostering the organization's principles. 

During the meeting, the ILO official said the organization took some notes on the law, adding that its experts committee received a number of complaints about the actual implementation of the law. 

He pointed out that the government should respond to such complaints, reiterating the necessity of cooperation with the government in these issues. 

He also valued the government's efforts to maintain the labor rights.

In the meantime, Safaan said that firm and urgent measures will be taken in case of discovering any deficiency in implementing the law in order to correct the statutes. 

He asserted the government's keenness on keeping permanent and effective communication with the ILO to eliminate any kind of insufficiency and tackle ways of boosting bilateral cooperation to improve labor conditions here. 

The minister pointed out the cooperation was evident in ILO's follow-up to the draft law on trade union organizations before it was issued. He cited 90 percent of the ILO notes were applied in the law. 

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