Terrorist Hisham El-Ashmawy reveals strategic info to Libyan authorities: LNA

Ahram Online , Sunday 14 Oct 2018

Egyptian terrorist Hisham El-Ashmawy, after arrested in Libya

A Facebook page affiliated with the Libyan National Army (LNA) called ‘The Internal Security Apparatus in Derna’ posted on Saturday what it says are parts of revelations by Hisham El-Ashmawy, an Egyptian terrorist and leader of an Al-Qaeda offshoot in Libya, who was captured last Monday in the Eastern Libyan city of Derna.

According to the page, El-Ashmawy revealed that 50 terrorists affiliated with Daesh, under the leadership of Abu Al-Baraa Al-Liby, are still taking shelter in the city's centre, while 56 others from different terrorist organisation are injured and taking shelter in a number of building basements in the city with very little food provisions.

The page said El-Ashmawy is undergoing interrogation in a secret prison in Eastern Libya.

El-Ashmawy affirmed that Abu Hafs Al-Mauritani, the Islamic scholar and Al-Qaeda mufti, is among the fighters sheltering in Derna's old city. El-Ashmawy also revealed that Omar Refaai Serour, an Egyptian Al-Qaeda leader in Libya, has died of his injuries in battles with the LNA.

The captured terrorist also affirmed that Sufian Bin Qumu, the leader of Ansar Al-Sharia, a group affiliated with Al-Qaeda in Libya, has also been killed in battles with the LNA.

Another LNA affiliated page also said on Wednesday that LNA forces have captured Safwat Zidan, a notorious associate of El-Ashmawy.

Reports also said that the LNA has captured the wife of the deceased Egyptian Al-Qaeda leader Omar Refaai Serour.

An Egyptian military source told Ahram Online that it is not clear when El-Ashmawy, who has been sentenced to death in Egypt, will be handed over to Egyptian authorities.

On Thursday, Egyptian President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi said that Egypt wants El-Ashmawi to be returned to his country to be held accountable for his crimes.

El-Ashmawy was born in 1978 and graduated in 2000 from the Military Academy. He was expelled from the Egyptian army in 2011.

El-Ashmawy, a former Special Forces officer also known as Abu Omar El-Mohager (the immigrant), was considered among the most dangerous terrorists linked to many attacks in Egypt.

In July 2015, El-Ashmawy announced the establishment of the Mourabitoun organisation in Libya, which is loyal to the Al-Qaeda terrorist organisation.

El-Ashmawy is believed to have been involved in an assassination attempt on former Egyptian Interior Minister Mohamed Ibrahim and the murder of top prosecutor Hisham Barakat, as well as plotting an attack on Egyptian border guards in February 2015, which resulted in the death of 29 armed forces personnel.

He is also believed to be behind a deadly attack on Christian pilgrims in Upper Egypt's Minya governorate in May 2017, which killed 29 people.

In January 2015, his group was suspected of staging a multi-pronged attack on the headquarters of the Army Battalion 101 headquarters in El-Arish in North Sinai, which killed 30 soldiers and officers.

An Egyptian military court sentenced him, in absentia, along with 13 other terrorists to death over the New Valley massacre in Farafra on 19 July 2014, where 22 border guards were killed.

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