Egypt's Meteorological Authority says temperatures to decline starting Monday

Ahram Online, Sunday 21 Oct 2018

The country has been hit by a 72-hour heat wave that began Friday

File Photo: The sun sets behind the Great Pyramids of Giza during a cold weather around country, in Cairo, Egypt December 5, 2016. (Reuters)

The head of the Egyptian Meteorological Authority Ahmed Abdel-Aal has said that temperatures across the country are expected to decline gradually starting Monday and until the end of this week, reaching normal levels for this time of year.

"Some areas in the country, especially near water surfaces, are expected to see light to moderate rains starting Monday, accompanied by heavy fog during the morning early hours," Abdel-Aal said.

Abdel-Aal referred to a shift in atmospheric pressure distribution moving toward Saudi Arabia.

"The decrease in temperatures is not announcing the official start of the winter season, so citizens must continue to wear summer clothes during morning hours, taking into consideration wearing heavier clothes at night," Abdel-Aal advised.

Abdel-Aal asserted that EMA, especially in coordination with local officials in governorates with mountainous areas, has been advising that precautions be taken against sudden floods.

The country has been hit by a 72-hour heat wave that began Friday and is expected to end Monday.

The winter season starts in Egypt officially on 21 December, according to EMA.

Average temperatures expected Monday and Tuesday: 

Cairo and Delta
32 degree highs, 25 degree lows

North-Eastern coast/ North Sinai
31 degree highs, 20 degree lows

South Sinai/ Hurghada
32 degree highs, 24 degree lows

Northern Upper Egypt
34 degree highs, 23 degree lows

Southern Upper Egypt/ Halayeb and Shalatein
38 degree highs, 26 degree lows



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