18 takfiris killed, 129 suspects arrested during Egypt's ongoing anti-terrorism operation

Ahmed Eleiba, Thursday 1 Nov 2018

Egyptian Army vehicles operating in Sinai (Photo: Ahram)

The Egyptian Army issued on Thursday the 29th communiqué on the anti-terrorism ‘Operation Sinai 2018,’ saying 18 takfiris have been killed and 129 suspects have been arrested in the recent period as part of the country’s war on terrorism.

Eight takfiris were killed by military forces in different raids in central and northern Sinai, and 10 high-risk others were killed in special operations by national security forces in the North Sinai capital of El-Arish, the army said.

"One army officer was killed during the heroic raids by the army and the police that targeted terrorist infrastructure with the aim of maintaining the security of the homeland," the video statement added.

The air force carried out airstrikes in the western border area and destroyed 25 off-road vehicles laden with weapons and other contraband.

Military engineers have located and destroyed 141 bombs planted to target security forces.

On 9 February, the anti-terrorism effort dubbed Operation Sinai 2018 was launched in northern and central Sinai, parts of the Nile Delta and desert areas west of the Nile Valley, according to the first Armed Forces communiqué on the operation.

Last July, the army spokesperson said that more 321 terrorists were killed since the launch of the operation.

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