Egypt reaffirms commitment to UN peacekeeping efforts

MENA , Sunday 18 Nov 2018

Egyptian forces taking part in UN peacekeeping forces (Press photo: Official page of Interior Ministry)

During a high-level regional conference in Cairo on Sunday on developing the performance of UN peacekeeping operations, Egypt renewed its commitment to continuing its role in peacekeeping operations in the world.

Egypt's Deputy Foreign Minister for African Affairs Hamdy Loza affirmed that Cairo worked to develop peacekeeping missions during its last UN Security Council membership.

The senior Egyptian diplomat also called for an effective UN role in all stages of peacekeeping and peace-building, using all available means at the disposal of the international organisation.

"There is a need to move forward this commitment within a framework that promotes integration and harmony by all actors in peacekeeping missions," Loza said in a speech before the gathering, organised by the Cairo International Centre for Conflict Resolution, Peacekeeping and Peace-building (CCCPA).

He reviewed the role played by Egypt in this regard as one of the seven largest countries participating in peacekeeping missions.

UN Under-Secretary for Peacekeeping Operations Jean-Pierre Lacroix lauded the role played by Egypt in the UN peacekeeping operations as one of the largest contributing countries.

In press statements on the sidelines of the conference, the UN official said the gathering provides a chance to express recognition of Egypt's efforts in peacekeeping operations and expand cooperation between the UN and contributing countries.

The diplomat said the visit to Cairo aims at probing ways of fostering cooperation between Egypt and the UN, reaffirming support for all efforts to boost African capabilities, especially in fighting terrorism and achieving peace.

Egypt ranked third in the United Nations peacekeeping operations’ largest contributing countries for the current period, according to the Department of Peacekeeping Operations (DPKO). There are a total of 729 Egyptian officers and police personnel serving in UN peacekeeping operations in various countries, the Ministry of Interior said in 2017.

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