Egypt hosts counterterrorism exercise for Sahel-Saharan states at Mohamed Naguib Military Base

Ahmed Eleiba , Sunday 9 Dec 2018

Sahel and Sahara
Egyptian and African forces at the start of the military exercises at Mohamed Naguib military base on Sunday (Photo:Egyptian armed forces spokesperson Facebook)

In light of the keenness of Egypt's political leadership to bolster military relations with brotherly African countries, Egypt is hosting a counterterrorism exercise with countries from the Sahel and Sahara region.

The exercise, which runs from 9 to 14 December, is being hosted at the Mohamed Naguib Military Base and is the first of its kind to take place in Egypt, according to a statement by the Egyptian Armed Forces.

Special forces from Egypt, Sudan, Nigeria and Burkina Faso are participating in the exercise as part of group 1, which involves dealing with various terrorist threats such as armed groups as well as freeing hostages.

The exercise aims to create homogeneity among the African special forces as well as train them to work with friendly countries and react swiftly during emergency tactical situations.

According to the statement, the African countries, which are members of the group of Sahel and Saharan countries, will participate in the excerise in several groups and according to a specific timetable.

The exercise should contribute to maintaining security and stability in Africa and help its countries face the challenges facing the continent, the statement added.

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