Trial of 6th of April activists set for tomorrow

Ahram Portal, Wednesday 5 Jan 2011

In an unprecedented move, state prosecutors have already referred activists who took part in demonstrations after the Two Saints Church bombing for trial

Eight members of the 6th of April movement go on trial tomorrow, accused of inciting riots, assaulting security personnel and damaging public property. The political activists were detained on Monday during a demonstration in Shubra against New Year Eve's church bombing in Alexandria.

During investigations, the defendants denied the charges against them. According to the prosecution, the defendants claim to have been in the vicinity of the demonstrations by chance and took the opportunity to express their anger at what happened at the Saints Church in Alexandria.

The defendants are accused of throwing stones at security personnel during the demonstration, injuring 19 of them as well as causing damage to 19 vehicles. It is almost unheard of that suspects in any crime, let alone a civic protest, are referred to trial a mere couple of days after their arrest. Rigthts activists see this as a glaring attempt at intimidation of would be protestors of the Church attacks.

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