Tagammu refuses affiliations with Islamist parties

Ahram Online , Thursday 19 Jan 2012

The Tagammu will not negotiate with any Islamists to form a parliamentary alliance, says official spokesman

The Tagammu Party’s official spokesman, Nabil Zaki, declared Thursday that it would not enter into any parliamentary affiliation with Islamists, namely the Salafist Al-Nour Party and the Muslim Brotherhood’s Freedom and Justice Party.

The announcement came in light of two of the three parties that constitute the Egyptian Bloc affiliating themselves with Islamic parties: the Free Egyptians Party and the Egyptian Social Democratic Party negotiating with Al-Nour Party and the Freedom and Justice Party respectively.

Upon establishment, the main aim of the three political parties constituting the Egyptian Bloc was to turn Egypt into a civil democratic state, something Islamist parties are adversaries against. Currently, the Tagammu holds two seats in the People's Assembly.

Zaki denounced the Islamists’ ideologies in a country of diverse backgrounds, religions and beliefs, claiming that these ideologies would lead to unequal rights among the people. He said that a civil democratic state should grant equal rights to all Egyptians, regardless of gender and religion. 

Zaki further hinted that what the Nour Party is doing in affiliating itself with the Egyptian Bloc against the Muslim Brotherhood’s Freedom and Justice Party is nothing but a clandestine scheme to hold one of the two seats designated to a deputy parliamentary speaker.

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